Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Daily Rates

Consisting of a fully guided hunt from sunrise to sunset.

Bird cleaning provided and available via bird hitch


-Spring Snows

Minnesota Snow Goose Hunts  (Western Border)

*Limited Dates March 13th through March 29th

Adults     $150 per day
Children   $100 per day          (16 and under)


Half Days are Offered for Half Price. Please Contact to see if Available

*50% deposit required to book dates

(No Refund on Deposits - Hunts that are postponed due to weather or guide scheduling will be given first choice at the next years open dates) 


Licensing is just $2.50 Per Hunter for Minnesota. 



Our Guides work for Tips.  

(If you feel your guides worked hard and put in the effort to provide a successful hunt please feel free to tip)

Bird cleaning available via bird hitch


Our guided spring Snow Goose hunts take place in Early February through early April.


                                       These dates are flexible and can vary depending on migration.

Snow Goose Hunting is EXTREMELY weather dependent on success rates.

Please be understanding if we have inclement weather that may effect the hunting or postpone the hunt. 


We run large decoy spreads and hunt out of a variety of blind types. Most of our decoy spreads are going to be made up of Full body decoys and some sock style decoys. We run these types of decoys because they provide great mobility and life-like movement and realism. Our blinds vary depending on the time of year and what the weather is doing. We hunt out of multiple types of blinds including A-Frame field blinds, white tyvek suits (our most popular), layout blinds or pits on occasion. Depending on the time of year we may be hunting migrating Snow Geese or chasing feeding flocks. We will make sure we put you and your group in the best possible situation to harvest birds daily.

We get asked these questions a lot. Here is some helpful info to get your hunt organized faster:


What to expect on your daily hunt:

We will meet before sunrise and head to the field we are hunting. Upon arrival to the field vehicles will be parked and we will head into the field. Once we have reached the decoy spread/blinds the guide will conduct a brief safety meeting and get everyone comfortable in the blinds. The hunt can be from sunrise to sunset. We may break for lunch mid-day but we may also have lunch in the blind. The guide or guides may leave mid-day to take care of tasks at hand but will return for the evening hunt. After the hunt that day the guide will assist with transporting belongings and bagged birds to your vehicles. From there you have the evening to spend how you like or commute depending on your situation.

How many geese can you expect to shoot:

Our daily bagged bird numbers change daily. 


Some Variables that effect the numbers of bagged birds are

*Number of hunters in the field (The more shooters the more geese that tend to be bagged)

*Wing shooting experience (Shooting any moving type of waterfowl takes practice)

*Weather (No wind days tend to make for tougher decoying birds)

What to bring on a Spring Snow Goose hunt:

Being the time of year we are always dealing with wet and muddy condition. So rubber boots or waders a must-have in the spring.

*Rubber Boots
*WHITE CLOTHING OR WHITE CAMO (White stocking cap, white hoodie, white coat)

*White Tyvek Suits when necessary (Ask Guides before your hunt)
*Ammunition  2’s or BB’s work great
*Camo (Jackets, Bibs, Gloves, Hats, Boots, Waders, Face Masks)
*Warm Clothing (Prepare for any kind of weather. We see very warm days and very cold days)
*Coolers (For food and snacks and also to transport bagged birds)
*Proper Licensing for Spring Snows:


(Lodging is not provided)

Lodging locations vary on migration and time of year.  

*We will contact you or you may contact us in the week prior to your hunt and we will let you know a list of locations for lodging.

*Motels, hotels, and hunting lodges are normal accommodations while spring snow goose hunting.

*Depending on the type and style of accommodations you would like most nightly rates per double room are $50-$75 per night.

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